We have a few main lines here at BLU. By keeping a handful of lines I can put all my time and effort in bettering them and not feeling spread thin. This helps me to know each and every rat and making pairings based on the individual animal. 

Bella Blue Line

The Bella Blue line is my main line here at Blue Heart. These rats have a fantastic personalities, with the males having big, thick bodies, and the females being sleek and gorgeous. These rats are usually Russian Blue, but can also come in a few other colors, like Moon, UK mink, and Platinum.

Bluewitch Line

The Bluewitch line is my American Blue line. These guys are still in their infancy and are a work in progress. These rats have nice thick bodies, but need some help with conformation and health. They are a beautiful silver blue color.

The Familiar Line

My Familiar line is a mix of my black self rats, and my siamese line. The black rats help keep the points in my siamese dark, and my black rats are just witchingly stunning as they are.

Halloween Chocolates Line

We are so excited to be working with Chocolate rats! These babies come from Camarattery and are just the sweetest little things. Our plan with them to continue towards Chocolate self.

Ragdoll Line

Our Ragdoll line is unique to our Rattery alone! These rats are as sweet and floppy as can be, and come in harley (long hair) or standard coat with dumbo ears. We are making them look after the Ragdoll cat breed, with beautiful siamese rats with white markings, long hair, and coming in blue or seal point- these guys will be AMAZING. Our Ragdoll line is still in the works, but we will post a few cute photos of the rats that will be the foundation of this line. We are the ONLY and FIRST Rattery with these combined lines, and the only ones working towards Ragdoll rats. Don't let others fool you. :)

Other Projects

Other than our main lines, we do have a few small, project lines. This pretty much means that I may have a litter once to twice a year while I slowly work on these varieties.


Patchwork (also called True Patchwork or Werewolf) is not to be confused with the double rex gene, or any gene that curls the hair of a rat. Patchwork (in the USA) is it's own gene where the rat grows in different patterns of hair and molts them into new a pattern. Their eyelashes tend to grow into the eyes, and that is the main problem we are working on erasing in this variety. 


Downunder's have marking's on their bellies in the color of the rat. For example if you have a black hooded, then the belly, while usually is pure white, will have the spotting of the rats color on the belly. My goal with them is to improve conformation!


Marble is one of my favorite varieties! The rat pictured is not the best example of marble that I have as he is a Red Eye Striped Marble Marten. So you can kinda see a few black spots around his back. Marble is prone to malocclusion, which means they are either missing their teeth, or they do not align correctly. Our goal is to rid the line of that problem. 


Dwarf rats are usually one third of a normal sized rats. They are pretty cute! We don't have an exact goal for dwarf other than making sweet, friendly little pets!

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