AS OF 06/01/2021 my Patreon is active! I post Monday-Thursday and have a lot of cool things to come!

Welcome, aspiring rat breeder! Do you need a mentor? Someone to show you the ropes of rat breeding and all the other things that go along with it (like marketing, getting babies adopted out, and rat questions)?

Well hello there! I'm Ash and I've been in the rat world for roughly 13 years now. I had an excellent mentor that helped me every step of the way when I was new to the rat world, and I would like to offer that to new breeders as well.

Both local and out of state breeders are welcome to apply for mentorship! 

My Program is based on Patreon and that is where we will chat and go over everything you need. 


After you've done some research and looked at my Patreon, please send me a message via my Contact page so we can chat a bit before subscribing! I want to make sure that I am the right person for you and your Rattery. :) 

Here are some examples of what you will learn from me:

  • How to necropsy and the tools needed.

  • How to market your rattery.

  • How to adopt out your baby rats.

  • How to make a nice website.

  • Genetics.

  • How to breed for what you want.

  • Answers to any of your questions!

  • How to take rat photos.

  • How to navigate the rat community.

  • How to become the breeder you want to be!

There will be much, much more that we will cover, but that's a start! There will also be cute rat merch and giveaways on my Patreon.


If you are an adopter, but still want to see what we chat about and be able to look at merch and ask questions, you are more than welcome to join the page as well! Just know that it is breeding centered!

If you have any other questions, please send me an email through my "Contact" page and we can go from there!