No litters will be available to the public for all of 2021. Breeders are welcome to inquire.

Breeders, please visit me "Breeders wanting to adopt" page to learn more!

Please click on the litters letter to see their litter page and who is available.

BLU Gian x BLU Grace
"K" Litter

DOB: 01/14/2021

13 Babies

TALE Soots x BLU Haven
"L" Litter

DOB: 01/19/2021

 8 Babies

TALE Mr. Pubes x BLU Holly
"M" Litter

DOB: 01/30/2021

12 Babies


BLU Flint (Bijou) x BLU Hasley
"N" Litter

DOB: 02/15/2021


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