Hello breeders! Thank you for visiting my humble little Rattery! 

If you are interested in breeding animals from me, please send me a message. I need to get to know you before you will be approved.

I'm looking for other breeders who want to deal in high quality animals only. 

Pricing starts at $100 each for breeding rats.

If you are a breeder who may have breeding stock I'm interested in, just let me know! I'm willing to flat out trade as well.

I'm only interested in UK/AM Pearl and UK/AM Pearl Merle in self. Midnight Blue, Snowflake, and Harlequin.

Any breeders adopting breeding animals from me will get:

  • a birth certificate with their IFRS number on it.

  • A 5 generation pedigree e-mailed to you.

  • a copy of my Charles River document (serology and PCR) showing what, if any, bacteria, viruses my rats may or had, and/or currently have.

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