Broomstick Mousery- BOO

Welcome to Broomstick Mousery!
Broomstick Mousery is a small breeding program working towards beautiful, sweet pets.  We are focusing on temperament first, hoping to breed male mice that are able to live together! These little itty bitty creatures are full of personality and are the perfect pet for those looking for a small companion! 

We are registered with the FMBA!


How to Adopt

We adopt out our mice as single males (as male mice cannot live together) or in a trio (or more) of girls. The trio of girls are pre-selected and girls cannot be switched out of their group.

Adopting is easy! Look through this page and find the mice you would like to have as new family members, then fill out the Adoption Form below. I will reply back to you via the e-mail you provide and we will go from there!

Male mice are $10 and a trio of girls are $25.
Payments accepted are Cash, Crypto*, or Payment through our site (coming soon!)

*We accept ETH, BTC, and DOGE.

Adoption Form
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Adoptable Mice

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