Last Updated: 11/21/2021

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BLU Rattery

Pet Rat Breeder  | Denver Colorado

Welcome to Blue Heart Rattery! We are a small scale pet and show rat breeder working on providing some of the best rats around! We focus on mainly self (rats who's bodies are only one color) Russian blue, American Blue, Black, and Chocolate, with our only marked line being my Ragdoll line.
We also have a small mouse breeding program focusing on temperament.


Our Rattery is serology tested through Charles River Labs.
Last tested: 6/30/2021


Varieties We Work With

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

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Starting 05/27/2021 the IFRS is now The Fancy Rat Foundation (FNCY)! The Fancy Rat Foundation is a Social Enterprise with the goal of helping rats in need, and spreading appropriate fancy rat husbandry. We follow the National Fancy Rat Society, or NFRS's values and standards.


Rat Care 101

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Litter Box Training

Wanting to litter train YOUR rat? This guide will show you how to get you and your rat onto the right track!


Breeding Temperament

Wondering how to breed for happy, friendly rats? My beginner guide will get you started on the basics!

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