Last Updated: 05/09/2021

NEWS: We are moving to Massachusetts in the beginning of 2022! 
We will have babies available to the public (in Colorado) before we move!  Litters page has been updated!

BLU Rattery

Pet Rat Breeder  | Denver Colorado

Welcome to Blue Heart Rattery! We are a private rattery and do not typically adopt out to the public anymore. We have more demand than we can fill and are now focusing on providing high quality animals to other breeders! We focus on Russian Blue, American Blue, Black, Siamese, Chocolate, and Ragdoll (which is unique to my Rattery alone).

We are the President of the IFRS (International Fancy Rat Society) and breed towards the IFRS show standard. 

Our Rattery is serology tested through Charles River Labs.


Varieties We Work With

Russian Blue

Russian Blue

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Mentorship Program

Blue Heart Rattery now offers a Mentorship Program for new and aspiring rat breeders! 

Check out our "Mentorship Program" page for more information!



The International Fancy Rat Society is an inclusive club for rat fanciers from all over the world! Our goal is to spread proper and helpful information for breeders and pet owners a like!  Our club is currently under construction but will be amazing once finished!


Rat Care 101

Looking for an easy guide to setting up your rats new home? Let us show you what we recommend!


Litter Box Training

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Breeding Temperament

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